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The year 2013 saw a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to Israel, even surpassing the levels achieved prior to the second Palestinian uprising. However, maintaining profitability was not easy as the shekel strengthened against the weakening dollar. The result was that many Israel hotels raised their dollar rates, so as to keep pace with the dollar's devaluation. This , of course, did not go down well with the American tourist, who is, nonetheless, aware of the effect his own currency has on the costs of any vacation abroad. In 2014, Israel hotels are expected to further raise their prices, which, together with the world economic slowdown, could be their downfall. Yes, Israel has the advantage of being a "must come" destination for Jewish tourists especially, but also for other Pilgrim groups. In short, make sure you reserve your Israel hotels early as room shortages are predicted for 2014. Many new hotels are however being built, especially luxury hotels in Jerusalem, and it's hoped that the supply will meet the demand.


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