The Psychology Of Israelis
and cultural differences


If you are about to embark on a journey to Israel, prepare for an encounter with a people whose psychology is similar to no other! In this section, we will attempt to prepare you for some of the psychological and cultural differences you will  meet. The differences will be felt wherever you go, on the street, on the roads, waiting in lines, buying in shops and visiting Israeli's homes. Be prepared!

On the Roads: It would be one thing to take your own life in your hands. It's quite another when your life is in others hands. Israelis are particularly impatient when driving.
They break the speed limit, overtake on bends, honk unnecessarily, shout at you 

when they think the standard of your driving is below that of fomula 1, never give way and take risks that endanger those around them. Good Luck!


Standing In Line: Although there may 

only be 3 people ahead of you in the line, 5 others have reserved their place, and are doing  the rest of their shopping until their turn comes! In the past, Israelis were infamous for not waiting their turn, but this aspect of their behavior has improved dramatically of late.

Shouting: Your average Israeli tends to shout a lot more than your average Englishman! Yet, this Israeli pastime should not be taken too
 seriously. For the most part, it's just their normal way of expressing themselves. Even everyday communication involves the raising of voices. In England or The USA, you may be spoken to politely, but then get a knife in the back! Here, the bark is certainly worse than the bite! The streets are extremely safe, even for women at night, so take the loud tone with a pinch of salt!

The Eternal Optimists: Nothing seems to bother the Israeli too much. "ye-hi-eh beseder", everything will work out, is the national slogan, and the people really do believe it!

In The Shops: You won't believe it, but Israelis even bargain when go to the bank manager to get their mortgage arranged! This doesn't mean that you have to bargain in every store, but it's certainly worth a go in all but the major department stores. Security checks at the entrance to stores are a part of life here. Being frisked by an armed security guard before entering any shopping mall is everyday routine. Don't be alarmed!

Dress Sense: Israelis dress casually. You will be hard pressed to find a suit and tie here, even in The Prime Minister's office. However, oddly enough, even on hot summer days, it is not considered polite for men to take off their shirts, and is only seen among tourists! News: Israelis are addicted to news. Every hour on the hour, they will, if possible, turn on the radio and listen to the latest bulletin. Strange then that Israel has no 24 hour television news station.

Feel free to eat on the streets!