English  English Transliteration
Do you speak? ata medaber?
English anglit
What is your name? aich korim lachca?
Nice to meet you nayim mayod
Restrooms sherutim
Where do you live? Eifo ata gar?
What time is it? Ma ha'sha'a?
you're welcome bevakasha
Left smol
Right yamin
So so kacha kacha
Friend chaver (m), chavera (f)
How much does this cost? Kama ze o'le?
The bill, please cheshbon, bevakasha.
sweet/cute chamud
all right/ ok b'seder
I have yesh-li
Do you have? yesh-lacha?(m),yesh-lach?(f)
See you later l'hit-ra-ot
I ani
mine sheli
you ahta(m),ahta(f)
excuse me s'leecha
Where are you from? meyefo ut(f),uta(m)
good evening erev tov
good morning boker tov
good night lailah tov
goodbye shalom
Bon appetite bitai avon
hebrew ivrit
hello shalom
A little katzat
please bevakasha
if im
maybe ooh-lie
post office doar
question she-elah
children yeladim
thank you  toda 
A cup of tea cos tay
A cup of coffee cos ka-feh
to where? l'ahn
welcome shah-lome, 
what is this? ma   zeh 
what? ma
what's up? ma   koe-reh?
how are you? ma   nish-mah?
what's new ma  chadash?
when? ma-tai
where? eifo
why? lama?
yes ken
this zeh
I do not understand ani lo mevin(a) (f)
Ice cream glida
Water mayim
Great achla,sababa,ala-kefak!
Taxi monit
Shopping Centre/mall canyon

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