Shopping Tips The best places to buy food and vegetables are outdoor food markets .The produce is both the cheapest and the freshest. The atmosphere in most shuks is also something to be savored, whether it be the Carmel market in Tel Aviv or the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. 
Money Exchange - Rule number 1: Do not exchange your money in a bank! The commission charged is astronomical! The Israeli public has been paying for years for the greed of the banking sector. The solution is to go to "Change" shops scattered around most city centers. They take no commission and equal the bank rates. Furthermore, don't change your money in the first place you find. Ask how much you get for your currency, then move on to the next place. Upon hearing the first quote, you will undoubtedly be offered a higher exchange rate. Continue until you know you've reached their top limit.
International Calls      Up until several

 years ago, Bezek was the only telephone company exploiting its monopolistic position to the maximum. Fortunately, this has changed, and two new companies, Barak and Golden Lines have entered the market, and have drastically cut the price of international calls.


Transport - Buses and taxis dominate the modes of transport in Israel. The largest bus company, Egged, operates all over the country, but not inside Tel-Aviv.Bus fares are quite cheap, and the service is excellent. In Jerusalem, for example, a one price bus ticket costs a little over a dollar. 


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